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Press articles about the DriDanube (Drought in the Danube Region) project published in Austria

DriDanube, funded by Interreg, addresses the risks and impacts of drought in the Danube region. The project aims to improve capacity of the region for drought emergency response and enhance preparedness for drought management by introducing recently developed monitoring and risk assessment tools. The Drought Watch (www.droughtwatch.eu) is a tool developed within the project for […]

EODC Forum 2019 – Registration open!

Join us at this year’s EODC Forum: May 21-22 in Vienna, Austria Register at the Forum’s website forum2019.eodc.eu for this year’s EODC Forum. Information about directions, dinner location and the main topics presented on both days of the event is available via the Forum’s website. A detailed agenda outlining all speakers on day 1 and presenters […]


LandMonitoring.Earth – Delivering global land monitoring products

Landmonitoring.Earth provides a global land cover monitoring system for automated retrieval of high resolution map layers and monitoring information. Growing demands for land cover information are can now be satisfied through B2B services based on the unique processing facility. Landmonitoring.Earth builds on GeoVille’s Earth Observation application experience gained in over 400 projects for customers in […]