Press articles about the DriDanube (Drought in the Danube Region) project published in Austria

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DriDanube, funded by Interreg, addresses the risks and impacts of drought in the Danube region.
The project aims to improve capacity of the region for drought emergency response and enhance
preparedness for drought management by introducing recently developed monitoring and risk assessment tools.
The Drought Watch ( is a tool developed within the project for efficient drought monitoring and early warning for the whole Danube region. Two Austrian partners, EODC and the GEO department at TU Wien, are tasked with the web-based monitoring tool. In addition, EODC provides the virtual resources for implementing the Drought Watch and TU Wien focuses on drought detection from satellite data.

For the World Water Day, the Austrian Ministry on Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and the Austrian newspaper both reported on the project DriDanube and on the drought situation in Austria (in German):