From High Performance Computing to Data Analysis
Our cloud based solutions are designed for the EO community.

EODC Cloud

The EODC Cloud is more than just CPUs and RAM. Besides compute and storage resources, co-located with our multi petabyte data repository, our team of EO experts connects knowledge and IT competence and will assist with EO data needs.

EODC High Performance Computing

The EODC HPC Service, which is exclusive to EODC cooperation partners, offers access to the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC), one of Europe’s most powerful processing engines.

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EODC Cooperation Partnership

Within our international cooperation network we connect the strongest players from science and application.
Benefit from a partnership, join our combined knowledge and become EODC Cooperation Partner.

EODC Toolbox

We provide a JupyterHub instance for running your code on the EODC infrastructure. Contact us for more information.

Services by EODC Partners


Monitoring Environmental, Economic and Social Change. Worldwide.
LandMonitoring.Earth provides a global land cover monitoring system for automated retrieval of high resolution map layers and monitoring information.

Sentinel-2 Value Adder

The Sentinel-2 Value Adder offers access to Sentinel-2 atmospherically-corrected reflectance data and the possibility to quickly generate a number of value added products for research and application in agriculture, forestry and land monitoring.

Further tools and interfaces

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