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Europe's fastest EO processing engines?

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The EODC High Performance Computing (HPC) Service, which is exclusive to EODC cooperation partners, offers access to the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC), one of Europe’s most powerful processing engines.

This unique access connects our Petabyte scaled EO Storage to Teraflops of computational power. A dedicated InfiniBand connection makes sure that data are transferred at high speed.

With 2020 processing nodes hosting more than 32.000 cores, the VSC is the ideal environment for on demand, large-scale processing and big data analysis.

The next generation, VSC-4, was launched in December 2019.

VSC-5, installed in 2022, is the latest addition to the Vienna Scientific Cluster infrastructure and is now also accessible through EODC.

Our offer includes

  • Access to VSC

    We set up your account at the VSC.

  • EO Storage

    High speed access to the EO Data Repository as well as your private EO Storage.

  • Data transfer

    We assist with transferring your data to your private EO Storage and the VSC.

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