LandMonitoring.Earth – Delivering global land monitoring products

Landmonitoring.Earth provides a global land cover monitoring system for automated retrieval of high resolution map layers and monitoring information. Growing demands for land cover information are can now be satisfied through B2B services…

New coverage maps available

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We are now providing coverage maps for Sentinel-1 GRD and SLC, as well as Sentinel-2 products!

Sentinel – 2 data being ingested into EODC Archive

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As of last week, Sentinel-2 data are being pulled from the ESA data hub and ingested into our rolling and long-term archives. Currently, only Level 1C data are available and transfered to our facilities. For more information on data access…

EODC IT capacities to be significantly extended

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Through the „Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resources Monitoring“ (EODC), established by TU Wien, ZAMG, private companies and individual researchers, Austria plays a major role in the Copernicus programme of the European Commission…

Sentinel-1 coverage maps

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Coverage maps for Sentinel-1 data are now available! They are provided in V/V, H/H, V/H, and H/V polarisation, as well as in a combined map (see images below). The most recent composite, created on the 31st of August, 2015, consists of 54888…