LandMonitoring.Earth – Delivering global land monitoring products


Landmonitoring.Earth provides a global land cover monitoring system for automated retrieval of high resolution map layers and monitoring information.
Growing demands for land cover information are can now be satisfied through B2B services based on the unique processing facility.

Landmonitoring.Earth builds on GeoVille’s Earth Observation application experience gained in over 400 projects for customers in more than 120 countries.

The system is designed along Space Industry 4.0 standards and relies on a core processing module, based on the combination of the latest artificial intelligence algorithms and unique timeseries de-composition products, enabling for the first time a full automation of the process.

Landmonitoring.Earth was built to assure a performant automatization of the analytical process while ensuring ease-of use of the system.

The current status enables already a global processing capacity for public customer projects. The aim is to solidify the performance of the various modules with a multistaged opening of the system to the industry.

Landmonitoring.Earth is enabled through the Petabyte storage and supercomputing processing power of the Earth Observation Data Centre.