EODC is pleased to announce its partnership with ESA’s Network of Resources (NoR)

EODC is proud to have become an official Network of Resources Service Provider for ESA. The NoR promotes the use of European resources to facilitate the exploitation of Earth Observation data in cloud environments.

The Network of Resources (NoR) is an ESA initiative which intends to incentivise contributions to a common framework and harmonise service offerings to users. Combining exploitation and processing platforms, the NoR will support the user in procuring services and outsourcing requirements while increasing integration of geospatial data and information for broader scientific, social, and economic purposes. Customers using the NoR Portal will find all complementary services in one place, which makes it easy for them to compare, procure and access Earth Observation resources as well as collaborate for their project needs.

EODC’s components on NoR include: https://nor.cloudeo.group/providers/earth-observation-data-centre-water-resources-monitoring

More information on NoR Portal can be found here: https://nor.cloudeo.group/