EODC @ AGIT Symposium

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AGIT Symposium und EXPO Safari, Heute at 08.12.29

The AGIT Symposium and Expo is one in a series of conferences in applied geoinformatics. Taking place once a year in Salzburg, Austria, it is being held simultaneously with the GI_Forum conference. Both together host a number of presentations covering various topics in the latest developments of GIScience, Smart City Concepts, Hydrology, Environmental Monitoring, Natural Hazards, Energy, GeoIT and Industry 4.0, Business Geomatics, GDI and Big Data, UAS, Laserscanning, Remote Sensing and Image Analysis, Open Government and Open Data.

This year AGIT will also feature a number of special topics, among them a dedicated Copernicus Session. It will deal with several questions revolving around the novel satellite missions of the ambitious Earth observation programme, such as:

  • What is the benefit for the users in their every day work in science, administration or industry?
  • How can one access the data?
  • What costs are involved for the user?
  • How will Copernicus evolve in the upcoming years?

[symple_callout fade_in=”false” button_text=”More about AGIT (external site)” button_url=”http://www.agit.at” button_color=”grey” button_size=”default” button_border_radius=”3px” button_target=”blank” button_rel=”” button_icon_left=”” button_icon_right=””]EODC will be presenting its solutions in this session and provide answers to some of the questions!

Make sure to be there on July 6th, 2016, Block 15:00 – 16:30 in AudiMax![/symple_callout]