Data Market Austria

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The amount of data available and produced every day is exploding – data has become an important raw material that is of high importance in nearly every industry sector worldwide. Thereby a vital data economy and a successfully working Data-Services Ecosystem in Austria is one of the factors to enable and ensure sustainable employment and growth and thereby societal stability and well-being.

Data have swept into every industry and business function and are now an important factor of production, alongside labour and capital. In Austria, requirements for successful data-driven businesses (concerning regulatory, technical, research, business or societal issues) are not elicited and existing success stories are not visible.

Furthermore the existing data environments and processing infrastructure are not efficiently connected, increasing the effort needed to participate in the data economy in Austria significantly. The quality of existing data is often low and data use is often associated with high costs because of the lack of interoperability provided.

The Project Data-Market Austria (DMA) will work toward rectifying these problems.